Pakistan called on the Taliban leadership in Kabul to take “severe consequences” against militants attacking the country from within Afghanistan on Sunday, a day after purported Pakistani military rocket assaults killed six Afghans.

Since the Taliban took power last year, tensions between Pakistan and Afghanistan have increased, with Islamabad alleging that militant groups are carrying out frequent assaults from Afghan land.

The Taliban denies hosting Pakistani fighters, but they are enraged by a fence being built along their 2,700-kilometer border by Islamabad.

Five children and a mother were killed in claimed rocket attacks in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Kunar on Saturday, which Afghan officials blamed on the Pakistani military.

While the Pakistani military has not confirmed responsibility for the strike, Islamabad has stated that it is constantly subjected to “terrorist” attacks from across the border.

“Pakistan, once again, strongly condemns terrorists operating with impunity from Afghan land to conduct operations in Pakistan,” the foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

“Pakistan urges that Afghanistan’s sovereign government protect the Pak-Afghan Border region and take strong action against anyone participating in terrorist activities in Pakistan.”

“Terrorists operating from Afghanistan” killed seven Pakistani soldiers in the North Waziristan province on Thursday, according to the government.

“Unfortunately, elements of banned terrorist organisations in the border region, particularly the TTP, have continued to strike Pakistan’s border security installations, killing several Pakistani soldiers.”

Terrorist groups such as the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which operates across the porous Afghan border, have long held strongholds along the border.

Although the Afghan Taliban and the TTP are independent organizations in both countries, they share a shared philosophy and recruit from both sides of the border.

Traders, Afghans seeking medical treatment in Pakistan, and those visiting relatives are among the thousands of people that cross the border on a daily basis.

In the aftermath of the rocket attack, Afghanistan’s Taliban administration issued a warning to Pakistan.

Late Saturday, Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, “This is a horrible act that is preparing the road for hatred between Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

“The Pakistani side should understand that if a conflict breaks out, it will not be in anyone’s best interests.”


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