ISLAMABAD: Pakistan hailed Friday’s normalization of ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran as a “important diplomatic breakthrough” and praised China’s role in facilitating the two countries’ agreement.


Through Chinese mediation, two Middle Eastern nations have agreed to normalize relations and reopen embassies.

The news was made public in a trilateral statement that also mentioned the reopening of embassies within two months and the renewal of bilateral cooperation in other fields.

“Pakistan firmly believes that this important diplomatic breakthrough will contribute to peace and stability in the region and beyond,” the foreign office said in a statement. We applaud China’s forward-thinking leadership for facilitating this landmark agreement, which is a testament to the effectiveness of cooperative effort and open communication.

The foreign office issued a statement praising the “sagacious leadership” of Saudi Arabia and Iran in light of the situation.

Having “consistently supported and coordinated efforts for bridging gaps between the two brotherly countries,” Pakistan will “continue to play a constructive role” in the Middle East and the region, the statement added. With any luck, this progressive action will serve as a model for regional cooperation and harmony.

You may recall that after protesters attacked Saudi diplomatic facilities in 2016, the kingdom decided to downgrade its relations with Iran.

The agreement reached between the two Middle Eastern countries on Friday was hailed as a positive development for the region by other states as well.