Pinterest keywords (or “Pinterest SEO”) are essential if you want to be successful on the platform. Pinterest will only show your pin to individuals who use specific keywords. You won’t get far if you don’t use keywords.


Having a reliable Pinterest keyword tool is, thus, crucial. In fact, for quite some time, the market offered none. However, we finally have one thanks to Pin Inspector. In addition, it is the most effective Pinterest keyword research tool currently available.

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In a Nutshell: Pinterest Keywords
Let’s take a moment to review Pinterest keywords before we begin.

It is crucial to use keywords on Pinterest if you want your material to get discovered. The keywords you include while pinning help Pinterest understand what your pin is about.

Your pin may not appear when someone searches for apple pie if Pinterest is unaware that it is about apple pie. You understand now.

Keywords on Pinterest are highly recommended.

Namely, where you have it in your profile.
Describe yourself in your profile.
Put relevant information in the titles of your discussion topics.
Please provide the following information in the descriptions for your boards:
To sum up your pins’ descriptions
Put this snippet into the text accompanying your pins:
It’s clear why a top-notch Pinterest keyword research tool is necessary when you consider how significant keywords are.

Explain what Pin Inspector is.
If you have a PC or a Mac, you may download a programme called Pin Inspector that will let you search for everything you can think of with just one word.

Similar but distinct search terms
Favorite pins associated with that keyword that did well
successful message boards centred on that search term
best-performing profiles connected to the search term Recent developments in the field
The most successful sponsored pins (Pinterest advertisements) in your feed may now be viewed, along with dozens of other metrics, thanks to the new “browse and scrape” feature.

Additionally, it displays 47 distinct data points for each pin. There are several other metrics that are included in this.

There doesn’t seem to be a similar Pinterest keyword tool available.

In terms of Pinterest keyword research tools, Pin Inspector is without a doubt the most useful option.

When should you use Pin Inspector?
Anyone with a Pinterest account and an interest in discovering popular search terms can use Pin Inspector. Any social media manager or company that wants to gain traction on Pinterest would benefit greatly from reading this. Authors and bloggers may benefit the most from it, though.

It’s no secret that Pinterest’s recent modifications have been rough for the blogging community. Though there is no magic solution, the Pinterest keyword tool will make a big difference.

Inspection Pin Inspector has several
Utilize a Keyword Generator to Acquire the Most Searched-For Terms
When writing a review of Pin Inspector, it’s difficult to pick a favourite feature. However, the keyword generator is probably my top pick.

Simply enter a seed term and the keyword generator will return a list of hundreds of popular keywords that are connected to your seed keyword, making it an ideal Pinterest keyword research tool.

Take the case where I’m creating an article on Instagram and want to include some relevant keywords in the article’s pin’s title and description. My initial seed keyword research was “Instagram advice.” So far, we have these (partial) findings:
This is evident from the suggested keywords, which include things like “Instagram tips for business,” “Instagram tips and tricks,” “Instagram tips and tricks followers,” “Instagram tips and tricks photo editing,” etc.

If I were creating an Instagram post, the article 32 Sites to Find the Best Feminine Stock Photos for Your Blog would be quite helpful.

This Pinterest keyword tool can be much more useful if you connect it to other SEO keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, and Keysearch.

Furthermore, the software makes this process much easier by allowing you to communicate any of the suggested keywords to other modules.

A snapshot of the keyword research tool Pin Inspector has to offer.
The software is well worth it just for the keyword generator alone. You won’t find a better Pinterest keyword tool.

Pin Inspector also has a useful tool called the Trends Generator.

What’s popular on Pinterest may be easily viewed with the help of the Trends Generator, which provides a plethora of statistics.

This picture depicts the current fashion:

Snapshot from Pin Inspector’s review of the Pin Inspector trends tool.
You may also search for a term and get an overview of how frequently that term is being looked for.

Type in any keyword, and the trends extraction engine will come up with hundreds of popular search phrases by adding each letter of the alphabet to your search keyword.