President Farmajo’s government has failed miserably


The government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo held an election in Mogadishu on 8.2.2017 when he won the by-elections

Farmajo, who is believed to be in control of the country, appears to have failed in several key areas of governance in Somalia.

President Farmajo has accused former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of traveling more than Farmajo Hassan Sheikh.

He also criticized the previous government for closing the roads, which are now visible.

Another highlight of President Farmajo is the addition of Hassan Sheikh’s criticisms and he now wants to add two more years to the election of a person and a voice.

Farmajo’s biggest defeat is

1 has not finalized the country’s constitution is still in draft

2 The betrayal of Qalbi Dhagax by the Ethiopian government

3 National Security Fails to Address It

4 Lack of cooperation with the regional administrations as well as the division of the country

5 Failing Election of a Person and a Vote on Time

6 Violation of the Constitution by violating several Constitutional Laws

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