Presidential Staff Arrested for Outrageous Video


Last night, a video was taken on social media of the Presidential Palace showing the humiliation of a man named Qamuus, a relative of the President, at a checkpoint inside the presidential palace.

According to credible reports, the video footage of a dictionary of the President’s Protocol was delivered to the President, and the main point of contention was who produced the video.

Following the debate, without questioning what led Dictionary to comply with security orders, legal action was taken against anyone who may have been involved in the broadcast, and four people were arrested. including security forces, although it has not been confirmed whether they are among those who have been abused by the dictionary.

Although President Farmajo has in the past been rumored to have little respect for relatives and clans, those who are closely following the incident say that the reason for the action being taken is that he is carrying out his duties as usual. closure is a matter of kinship.

At the end of July this year, military commanders from the President’s clan, acting on the orders of the caretaker Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office, forcibly confiscated a vehicle belonging to Yahye Ali Hareeri, although the vehicle was later returned. which reinforced rumors that the presidency had recently begun a kinship situation.

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