Prime Minister Kheyre’s bodyguard reminds people of abandoned behavior !!


Abdullahi Mohamed Jama (Codey) has been the commander of the third division of the security forces of the recently ousted Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire for more than a year, and he is still the same as he has not yet left the presidency. turned and began hijacking vehicles belonging to officials who worked with the Prime Minister.

The mastermind of the hijacking was masterminded by Abdirizak Ato, who flew in with President Mohamed Ali Aley, and asked him to help put pressure on the men who worked with Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.
Mohamed Aley accepted Ato’s request after they showed that they were an obstacle to the president’s plan to extend his term, and then the order was delivered to Abdullahi Mohamed Jama (Codey), and no one but the three of them knew about the plan. hid the army commander as he was not from their community.

Abdullahi Mohamed Jama (Codey), Commander of the Special Forces in front of the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, Mohamed Aley, Commander of the National Guard and Abdirizak Hussein Aden (Aato), Interim Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office. The three men are from the President’s family.

Abdullahi Mohamed Jama (Codey), the man entrusted to the private security of Prime Minister Hassan Caki Khaire, began hijacking the vehicle in a vehicle driven by Yahye Ali Hareri, a senior adviser in the prime minister’s office.

The abduction took place at the door of the prime minister’s residence, which was guarded by voters. The kidnapping at the entrance of the Prime Minister could have caused more nationhood if there had been a fight between the troops in the car and the other kidnappers. The responsibility for the Prime Minister’s security has been overshadowed by the protection of clan interests.

Abdirizak Aato, who was described by the community as “mindless” and reminded the Somali people of the time when clan militia leaders were robbing vehicles in pursuit of their own interests and the interests of the clan, was ousted. was the mastermind behind the use of clan-based officials.

The question is whether Abdirizak’s dismissal is a cover-up for Hassan Ali Khaire’s security threats or whether disciplinary and other allegations will be leveled against officials in President Farmajo’s family, or will it be part of a series of actions? left out by Villa Somalia?

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