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Are you a therapist struggling to build your client base? Discover a comprehensive plan to establish a successful, sustainable venture.

Do you find it difficult to earn enough as a professional counselor? Do you hate sales and marketing? Are you overwhelmed by all the details of just getting started? With fourteen years as a psychotherapist and forty as a chartered accountant, Jude Fay knows the ins and outs of operating a profitable and ethical counseling enterprise. Now she’ll show you how to create and grow an operation reflective of your values and the earnings you envision.

This Business of Therapy: A Practical Guide to Starting, Developing and Sustaining a Therapy Practice is an all-inclusive manual targeting mental health professionals at all stages of their career. With Fay’s blueprint, you’ll learn to acquire and furnish a space, to manage your finances, ways to market yourself, and how to secure those first clients. By following her methods, you’ll not only set up and direct a smooth-running office, you’ll meet your clients’ needs for years to come.

In This Business of Therapy, you’ll discover:

  • The Six Pillars of a flourishing practice to help you accomplish your goals
  • Tips for growing ethically and honestly, so you can be proud of the services you offer
  • Quick-start instructions to give beginners the essentials for jumping in
  • Challenges and obstacles you might face along the way and how to overcome them
  • Effective information and strategies from novice to advanced, and much, much more!

This Business of Therapy is your step-by-step process to everything you should know to launch and maintain a thriving practice. If you like expert advice, reliable techniques, and easy-to-follow examples, then you’ll love Jude Fay’s essential handbook.

Buy This Business of Therapy for the tools you need for success today!

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