Report: What facilitated the attack on the Elite hotel?


It’s still growing strong in the information available on the day before the Elite hotel in the city, which is carried out by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab in the hotel.

General Yusuf Mohamed Siyad (Indha Adde) who has held various positions in the country said that the attack was facilitated, after an interview with Shabelle.

Indha Adde said in an interview that the car that exploded in front of the hotel and its occupants were made easier to get to the heavily guarded hotel.

He also pointed out that there were several checkpoints at the scene of the attack, including government vehicles, emphasizing that it was not easy to enter and that it was clear that they had worked with the men.

“It has been made easier for the car to get there. We have worked with it in no other way. I am in Abdi Bile’s car with Nashiike in my car. I am in an army vehicle. “Ask me, so I can’t get in that car any other way, it just went to the hotel for convenience,” said General Yusuf Mohamed Siyad (Indha Adde).

He also spoke about the recurrence of al-Shabaab attacks in Mogadishu, citing a lack of commitment, especially in the fight against it, as well as a lack of accountability among security agencies.

Finally, he underlined that al-Shabaab is able to attack any of its targets, using a variety of tactics and tactics.

However, the statement comes a day after a deadly attack on the Elite Hotel killed at least 20 people and injured many more, including civilians and government employees.

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