Saudi Arabia hits back at Trump’s ‘punishment’ warning …

The Saudi embassy in Washington has hit again at recent allegations leveled in opposition to the kingdom with the aid of politicians in the united states.

Embassy spokesman Fahad Nazer said the  “worrisome and false accusations” pertained to the kingdom’s counterterrorism efforts.

To “set the record straight,” Nazer designated in a series of tweets the kingdom’s fight against violent extremism.

Saudi Arabia is without doubt one of the essential targets of ISIS (Daesh) and Al-Qaeda, Nazer said Wednesday.

“the kingdom has confronted this threat head on and declared battle against each terror groups.” He said Saudi Arabia has hunted terrorist leaders, cut off their funding and worked to discredit their ideology.

“a couple of senior US counterterrorism officials, who’ve served in each Republican and Democratic administrations, have praised Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism campaign and its intelligence-sharing with the USA,” Nazer brought.

The embassy’s feedback come after Donald Trump last week slammed Tulsi Gabbard, a Democratic nominee for the presidential election, for accusing him of aiding Al-Qaeda by way of his strong relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Her feedback in the course of a presidential debate were broadly condemned and Trump mentioned the consultant “doesn’t comprehend what she’s speaking about.”

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