Somali government urged to take action against foreign agencies involved


A meeting in Mogadishu of religious leaders, civil society groups and government agencies discussed the growing problem of immorality and drug trafficking in the country.

Chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars Sheikh Bashir Ahmed Salad statement read to the media after meeting looga agency said preventing antisocial behavior and drug today in Mogadishu.


A conference held in Mogadishu, specifically Hotel Dayax, today 2 / Safar / 1442, dated 20 / Sep / 2020, organized by Somali clerics, and attended by community members, such as: Traditional Elders, Women , Youth, Businessmen, Scholars and the Media, as well as some government agencies, such as the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Information, the Ministry of Endowments, the Somali Police, the conference discussed the situation related to the misconduct drugs and drugs are spreading rapidly in the country.

The meeting was addressed by officials representing all sectors of the participants, and exchange of information on the subject and then come together with suggestions for effective and can looga, including: –

The protection of morals and the fight against drugs should be given priority, as required by religion

That the government agencies involved in the protection of public morals and public awareness work together to develop a unified plan.

That various sectors of the society and government agencies work together to fight corruption and drug abuse, and to facilitate the prosecution of religious leaders.

Establish a Good and Evil Commission in the country and appoint a committee to prepare it.

Immediate enactment and enactment of anti-drug laws.

Establish a constitutional council of scholars to ensure compliance with the laws to be issued and Islamic law in accordance with the constitution.

Dealing with foreign agencies involved in misconduct and drug abuse.

Hold a national conference on combating immorality and drugs.

Prevent and stop anything that encourages immorality and obscenity, such as violent interactions, and trampling.

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