Source: Cabinet secretly approves agreement with Ethiopian government


Recently, the Council of Ministers of the discredited government approved international laws and agreements without going through the Somali Parliament.

The signed agreements, which Capital Online has learned, include an economic agreement between Ethiopia and Somalia that was approved in a way that was seen as illegal and kept secret from the public and the media.

The enacted agreement between the Ethiopian and Somali economies which is described as similar to the Maritime Agreement between Somalia and Kenya and is set as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has led to great skepticism.

The MoU between Somalia and Ethiopia is said to be a non-binding agreement between the two governments but an agreement reached between the two sides, so it was agreed to implement it.

The terms of the memorandum of understanding between Somalia and Ethiopia are as follows:

Business cooperation
Exchange of experiences and skills.
Support for large corporate projects
The agreement, which was disputed by the government over its ability to pass legislation, was strengthened by annexes from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Planning & Investment outlining the nature of the agreement and its implementation, which were released in March this year.

Political analysts believe the Somali-Ethiopian memorandum of understanding, approved by the government, follows an agreement previously signed in Mogadishu by Somali President and Prime Minister Abi Ahmed.

The MOU can be terminated by a one-month written notice to both parties agreeing to the agreement.

The agreement between the two sides finally states that a one-month written notice from either government can be terminated which will be accepted by both parties.

The agreement, signed by President Farmajo and Abiy Ahmed, allows Ethiopia to invest in four ports in Somalia, whose identities are yet to be announced and have not yet been presented to parliament and the cabinet.

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