Source: How Al-Shabaab Prisoners Get Their Weapons and Latest News From Central Prison


The latest reports from the fighting inside the Mogadishu Central Prison say that some of the prisoners who were fighting inside the prison have been shot dead.

According to security officials, the militant group is using pistols and grenades.

The officers also said that some of the guards at the central jail had been shot.

The detainees are believed to be members of al-Shabaab in the central jail.

A security official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the media that up to four al-Shabaab detainees were involved in the attack and were still fighting inside the jail.

Al-Shabaab detainees who fought inside the Central Prison reportedly first seized small arms and then opened fire, after which the inmates began using hand grenades.

The attack took place in the central jail, where prisoners are being held for life imprisonment.

Prison guards and other police officers are still struggling to end the attack.

There were heavy casualties as a result of the attack on prisoners, civilians and militants.

Some inmates also escaped from the prison, taking advantage of the heavy fighting.

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