American scientists have uncovered the source of what caused thousands of servicemen to become sick with mysterious symptoms during the 1991 Gulf War.

According to the study, nerve agent sarin, which saturated the atmosphere after Iraqi bomb caches were destroyed, harmed thousands of troops once they inhaled it.

For decades, academics and medical teams were baffled by the growth of so-called Gulf War Syndrome, as veterans of the fight experienced a slew of strange health conditions including persistent weariness, joint pain, and speech difficulties.

Many otherwise fit soldiers had strange ailments after coming home, which researchers now believe were caused by diluted nerve gas doses.

Dr. Robert Haley of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, the study’s chief researcher, said that while sarin can be fatal, it was diluted such that soldiers who came into contact with it were not killed.

“It was enough to get individuals sick if they were genetically predisposed to disease from it,” he continued.

People who possessed a specific variant of the PON1 gene, which is important for breaking down chemicals and poisons in the body, were unwell, according to Haley.

Soldiers with a less effective variant of the gene who were deployed during the conflict were more likely to get sick.

For what Haley called “the most definitive study,” over 1,000 randomly selected American Gulf War soldiers were employed.

“We feel it will withstand any scrutiny,” he continued. We also hope that our discoveries may lead to therapy options that would alleviate some of the symptoms.”

According to the Royal British Legion, around 53,000 British personnel served throughout the war, with 33,000 believed to be suffering from Gulf War Syndrome.

Many others dismissed the symptoms because they couldn’t comprehend how otherwise healthy and unharmed soldiers might suddenly become afflicted.
The study, according to the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association, is a step in the right way for veterans who have struggled with health issues since the war.

“For 30 years, they have been abandoned, ignored, and lied to by successive governments, with no positive answers to their inquiries regarding exposure to dangerous substances and gases, and the impact it has had on them both physically and mentally,” the statement stated.

“We hope the UK government takes this report seriously and responds by providing Gulf veterans with access to the tests.”

This will hopefully result in more meaningful and appropriate medical treatment, which they have been denied for far too long.”

“We continue to follow and welcome any new study published around the world,” the British Ministry of Defence said, “and financial support is available to veterans whose sickness is attributable to service through the MoD War Pensions and the Armed Forces occupational pension plans.”


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