General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, Sudan’s military leader, hinted on Friday at moves to de-escalate tension six months after a military takeover.

“We are entering a difficult moment, and we must all present concessions for the benefit of our country,” he stated during a Ramadan meeting, referring to the country’s deteriorating economic and security condition.

“We are prepared to do everything we can to establish the conditions for a productive debate,” he continued.
Following the resignation of Omar Al-Bashir, he and other military leaders attempted a coup on October 25, terminating a two-year power-sharing agreement with a civilian governing alliance.

Since then, at least 94 people have been killed and scores have been jailed in security crackdowns on protesters.
While there are no “political detainees,” Burhan said he met with the public prosecutor and the head of the judiciary to discuss the release of inmates, including prominent civilian political leaders.

They also addressed the idea of decreasing the existing state of emergency, according to him.

The international community has frequently requested such actions as trust-building measures.

These moves, according to Burhan, were taken in response to concessions made by various political groups in the hopes of reaching a deal.
Reuters reported earlier this month that a pact to form a new administration was being considered by parties linked with the military.

Burhan previously stated that the military will only relinquish control to a democratically elected administration. In his remarks on Friday, he once again urged political parties to reach an agreement.

Burhan stated in his remarks that, unlike in the past, no single faction should have power over the political environment. Military officials accused the civilian alliance of monopolizing authority in comments made before and after the coup.

Burhan also stated that court rulings resulting in the return of scores of Bashir-era civil officials would be examined.


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