Burhan has threatened to evict the UN mission from Sudan. Sudan’s de facto leader, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, threatened to dismiss UN special representative Volker Perthes on Friday over alleged “intervention” in the country’s affairs.

In a speech to the United Nations Security Council on Monday, Perthes warned Sudan was on the verge of “economic and security collapse” unless the civilian-led transition, which was disrupted by Burhan’s military takeover last year, was restored.

Perthes reportedly warned of an increase in crime and disorder, as well as the assassination of anti-coup protestors, violence against women “by security personnel,” and increasing targeting of activists.

“Stop overstepping the mandate of the UN mission and blatant intervention in Sudanese matters,” Burhan warned Perthes, “or he will be expelled from the country.”

In a statement provided by the armed forces, he also encouraged the UN and the African Union (AU) “to facilitate discussion among Sudanese and avoid overstepping their authority.”

In an article published on Thursday, the chief editor of the armed forces’ publication, Ibrahim Al-Houri, accused Perthes’ UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission Sudan of “not adhering to the norm of neutrality.”

UNITAMS has denied the accusation, but has stated that it is “not neutral” in its commitment to protect human rights, freedoms, and democracy.

Since the coup, Sudan has seen regular mass protests in the face of a harsh response by security forces that has killed 93 people, according to doctors.

UNITAMS, the African Union, and the regional organization IGAD, according to Perthes, have decided to work together to enable Sudanese-led discussions.
The Friends of Sudan, which comprises the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, have also lent their support to recent efforts to foster discussion.

The organisation has asked for the civilian-led transition that followed the removal of longstanding ruler Omar Al-Bashir in 2019 to be restored because it “would pave the path for the restoration of economic support and international debt reduction.”


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