According to the UN mediator, the eighth round of discussions on a new constitution for Syria ended with conflicting groups making very little progress.
The Syrian Constitutional Committee was established in September 2019 and held its first meeting the following month.

The initial talks are aimed at amending the country’s constitution, which has been ravaged by war. The negotiations are supposed to pave the door for a larger political process.

UN ambassador Geir Pedersen is facilitating talks with 15 members from President Bashar Assad’s government, the opposition, and civil society.

However, the Norwegian diplomat claimed the eighth round of negotiations, which was co-chaired by the government and opposition delegation leaders this week, had made little headway.
The debates included constitutional themes such as state institution preservation and strengthening, the primacy of the constitution and the hierarchy of international accords, and transitional justice.

A delegation submitted proposed constitutional documents on each topic, which were discussed for one day.

Following the week’s talks, delegations submitted amendments to the texts on Friday, the fifth day.

“On certain points, the disparities were still large. Pedersen’s office said in a statement that there were “areas of potential common ground” on others.
“At the same time, the special envoy has noted the slow pace of work, as well as the difficulty to identify and finish tangible areas of provisional agreement, as areas where much can be done.”

“He agreed with the co-chairs that it is critical to find ways to speed up the work and achieve results and progress, and he has provided proposals for their consideration.”

“He reiterates his call to all members to work with a spirit of compromise and to draft constitutional texts that are likely to gain widespread approval among Syrians.”

The co-chairs decided to hold a ninth round of negotiations from July 25 to July 29 in Geneva. Syria’s civil war erupted in 2011 as a result of the harsh repression of anti-regime rallies.

It swiftly devolved into a complex struggle involving a slew of players, including Islamist organizations and foreign governments. Approximately half a million people have died as a result of the war, and millions have been displaced. Throughout the war, the United Nations has worked to foster a political solution.


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