The Arab League has beaten Iranian Revolutionary Guard experts in the Yemeni capital, reports the Saudi Press Agency.

The federation has asked Sanaa residents not to gather near the target areas.
The project is in line with international humanitarian law and customary law, the federation said.

The coalition has hit several areas in the capital over the past few weeks in an effort to weaken the Iranian-backed Houthi military force.
Earlier attacks targeted warehouses with experts from Hezbollah of Lebanon and the Revolutionary Guard of Iran.

The Houthi have repeatedly targeted the State with bombs, especially without any significant damage to Saudi airspace.

Efforts by Houthi to identify civilians have been documented as war crimes by the State.

The Arab League has been backing the world-renowned Yemeni government to regain control of the country after the Houthi seized the capital, Sanaa, in 2014.

Saudi Arabia has previously stated that a political solution is the only way to permanent peace in Yemen. Launched in March, the Riyadh Initiative aims to do just that. The plan includes a nationwide arms embargo and peace talks. However, the Houthi leadership has rejected the plan.

The war, which has been going on for seven years now, has claimed the lives of thousands of Yemeni people and forced many to rely on humanitarian aid.


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