The army building has suffered so much and is easily demolished !! (Report)


Strong and successful military reconstruction has taken place over the past three years and more since the government was finally dissolved in a controversial process.

Construction and development are usually difficult, and demolition does not require much time, and it is now emerging that the gains made in rebuilding the country’s security sector are being undermined by self-interest.

Shortly after the fall of the government led by Hassan Ali Khaire, but still in office, the work of the security and justice corridor was paralyzed and he was forcibly placed under the office of the president and the head of the security corps was forced to resign. It was the beginning of the collapse of the military and the drumming of new chaos in the country.

Young security officers have been fired, some have been placed under house arrest and replaced by unskilled and incompetent officers, further shedding light on where the national army is headed.

Yesterday, armed security forces retaliated by complaining about lack of rights for months, and some who spoke to the media said that the lack of rights meant that they were told to separate and that every man could go wherever he wanted. .

Disbanding a well-funded and well-equipped army is not an easy decision by a few groups or officials but it seems to be based on the pursuit of political interests that will affect the future of the nation in particular. the capital.

Security experts say it is not possible for the government to lose the salaries of the troops, but the plan is that when they can’t stand the lack of rights, they can take up arms and start anarchy in the city, if they want to join. Opposition groups are plotting to destabilize the country, with no plans to hold elections at this time, and efforts need to be made to restore security.

As of intellectuals to have, if not yet the case, it is possible to inherit the consequences of widespread cause damage difficult to re looga recovery, and to recommend changes to this approach and, rather than who hidinstay and the rest of Somalia in general

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