The chairman speak  Hawiye s about the arrest of Danab Commander and sends strong threats to Villa Somalia


The chairman of Hawiye traditional elders Mohamed Hassan Haad who spoke to the media in Mogadishu tonight strongly condemned the arrest of Danab army commander Major Ismail Abdimalik Maalin.

Naad said he was saddened by the illegal arrest of the commander, and said the arrest was politically and tribally motivated by people he knew but did not name.

Haad said he had received information that a plot was underway to prosecute the commander without trial and that he would be taken to the Mogadishu Central Prison, where he was being held by al-Shabab fighters to be killed.

“We are now reaching out to the man without going to court and writing that he is going to be played tonight in the central jail where the Al-Shabaab fighters are fighting to kill him. The only purpose is for the man to die,” said Nabadon Haad. .

The chairman of the Hawiye clan has made it clear that if the officer is harmed, it will have a negative impact on the country and the government, and warned those who are planning to stop the act or they will regret it.

“Men we know whose names are not mentioned in the conspiracy they are working on, if they do not stop, it will have a negative impact in the near and long term. We will not hide if the government does not want the law. We do not accept the way things are going and we will oppose it,” he said. Haad.

Haaad  said Villa Somalia is now vying for power and threatening to do nothing, and threatened not to give up and regret it if the detained officer was harme

Haad’s statement comes at a time when the commander of Danab forces, Colonel Ismail Abdimalik, has been detained by the Ministry of Defense for more than a month, and there are reports that Villa Somalia is planning to prosecute the officer for allegedly being a relative of Kheyre. .

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