The DANAB commando forces, especially the 4th organization, the 16th brigade, have carried out planned operations in the Tooratoorow area of ​​the Lower Shabelle Region of the South West Somalia Administration.

The government news agency SONNA wrote that the DANAB operation in Tooratoorow was aimed at ensuring the security of the area, and the army seized an AK47 rifle.


This operation carried out by the DANBA commando forces follows a series of operations conducted by the country’s armed forces against Al-Shabaab, according to a statement published in the SONNA Agency.

It was a few days ago when drones carried out an airstrike in Tooratoorow area in the Lower Shabelle region, and it was said that they targeted the Al-Shabaab base, and DANBA forces entered the area and conducted operations.


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