The forum issued a stern warning to Farmajo tonight following the decisions made


A statement from the National Parties Forum has warned President Farmajo following the decision by the Somali cabinet to establish the Petroleum Authority and new members to the Judicial Service Council.

The seven-point statement from the Forum said, “The Forum is deeply concerned about the illegal actions taken by the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) at its Cabinet meeting on 30/07/2020. Constitutional agencies such as the Judicial Service Commission and the Somali Petroleum Authority. ”

The statement added, “The forum calls on the leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Council of Ministers to respect and uphold the laws of the land, especially during this time of transition, which, if not recognized, could lead to constitutional disputes and political turmoil. . ”

“The forum saw the decisions of the cabinet at its meeting on July 30, 2020, read the press release from the Somali Bar Association, listened to the call from Somali civil society organizations and political parties and Recognizing the concerns of the Somali community over the illegal decisions taken by the caretaker government, it has issued the following statements. ”

The forum recognizes the need to establish the Judicial Service Commission and the Petroleum Authority, which have been under scrutiny for more than three-and-a-half years, and should have been formed by the BJFS or should be pending the formation of a new government. Parliament.
Government current Government Accountability communication (Caretaker Government) do not have the legal authority to take decisions masiiri or pass a constitutional committee earlier appointment looga shortened.
The forum is very concerned about its illegal actions

The Transitional Federal Government (TFG) has convened a Cabinet meeting on 30/07/2020 naming constitutional institutions such as the Judicial Service Commission and the Somali Petroleum Authority.

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