Military officials on Friday confirmed the death of Furuji Indama, a senior leader of the Dash affiliate Abu Sayyaf militant group on the island of Basilon in the southern Philippines.

Desperate to take part in deadly bombs and kidnappings, Indram and several other militants were seriously wounded in a clash with soldiers in Zimbongwe Sibuge Province in Mindanao.

Lt. Gen. Carletto Vinluan, head of Western Mindanao Command, confirmed Indra’s death: “We are monitoring his family – they already know he’s dead.”

Vinluan said local officials gave a cash reward to anyone who could indicate the location of Indra’s remains.

The terrorist leader is believed to have been buried on an island in Sibuge, Jambong.

Vinluan said the ASG leader sent text messages to relatives asking them to pray because he was seriously injured and “could not stay longer”.

The next day Indra’s cell phone “no longer reached.”

Idam’s death was announced after another group member was killed in a clash with government forces in the province of Barcelona in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

Indama is close to ASG leader Isanilon Hapilon, who became known as Dash Amir of the Philippines in 2016.

After Hapilon killed Maravi city in the 2017 siege, it was postponed to replace Indma. However, following a report from the US Department of Defense, Sulu ASG leader Hadjan Savadajan was named the new acting donor Aamir.

A suicide bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a military outpost in Lamaton, Barcelona, ​​killing 11 people.

In April 2016, Hapilon and Indama led 150 Abu Sayyaf fighters in an attack on government forces in Tipo-Tipo, Baselon, killing at least 18 soldiers and wounding more than 50.

Palmas’ greatest dose is expected in May 2001 for the kidnapping of 20 people, mostly foreigners, from the Palmas resort.

One of the hostages, Guillermo Sobero, an American citizen, was beheaded by his prisoners. The death of the ASG leader has caused panic in the terrorist organization, officials said. Many members have recently surrendered to government forces.

In July, the military said he was killed at the funeral, but his death has not been confirmed.

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