The success of the Dhusamareb conference is yet to take place.


Tomorrow and Saturday only next August 15th. If a miracle does not happen, it is unlikely that the Dhusamareb Conference will open this morning.

Even when it does, no solution will be found without compromise.

It will then be necessary for each side to move from its current position, to a new and more favorable bar.

As I wrote hours before Parliament overthrew the Government on July 25, I still believe that Parliament and State Governments should take the country together and be needed together.

Only consensus can eliminate real-life threats and threats from some quarters.

The agreement can also reduce the role of foreigners in shaping the type and timing of elections.

For a small group of officials who do not agree on the timing of the elections, I would like to see the opportunity given to them by millions of Somalis to wait for them to decide our own destiny.

I wish they were not so visible to each other but to the people and the country, and that time is running out.

I wish that the opportunity and respect given to them seemed, and they were happy, to fulfill their responsibilities well.

I wanted to remind them to write their history well.

B/Y /Yusuf Garaad Omar

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