Today marks four years since a truck loaded with 1200kg bomb drove into an afternoon traffic in Mogadishu’s Zobe junction killing over 500 and maiming close to 700 others.

The attack which was described as the worst terrorist incident in Africa also destroyed property running into millions of dollars.

The militant group Al-Shabaab which was blamed for the attack did not claim responsibility for the bombing. Analysts said the decision not to accept responsibility could probably be because of the massive scale of civilian deaths.

The group has always fronted its war as against ‘Western intetests’ and the Federal Government because of its backing by the international community. However, civilians have always been on the receiving end of most Alshabaab attacks.

The US and the UN expressed solidarity with Somalia in separate statements.

“Today we remember and honor the victims of the horrific October 14 terrorist attack in Mogadishu. The United States reaffirms its commitment to stand with the government and people of Somalia in countering violent extremism and terrorism,” the US Embassy in Mogadishu said in a tweet.

The UN in Somalia also said it stands in solidarity with Somalia in marking the fourth anniversary of the deadly bombing.


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