Two Palestinian women were shot and killed by Israeli forces on Sunday as troops responded to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s call for a “attack.”

A 45-year-old unarmed Palestinian woman near Husan, west of Bethlehem in the southern West Bank, was the first victim.

Ghadeer Sabatin, a widow and mother of six, was shot by Israeli forces at a checkpoint at Husan’s eastern entrance, according to eyewitnesses.

She allegedly crossed the street after being requested to stop by one of the troops. However, despite the fact that she posed no threat to the soldiers, one of them shot her twice. Sabatin approached the soldiers “in a suspicious manner,” according to the Israeli army. It later confirmed that woman was unarmed in a statement.

Sabatin, who had lost one of her eyes several years earlier and was suffering from bad vision, was killed in cold blood by Israeli forces while on her way to visit one of her relatives’ homes in Husan, according to Palestinian sources. Soldiers were detaining and examining Palestinians in the area, according to them.

The Palestinians were not allowed to carry her to the hospital because the troops would not allow them to approach her body. She died of a suffocating bleed.

The second victim was slain by Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

After allegedly stabbing an Israeli police officer at one of the checkpoints in the town’s old centre, the woman was shot near the Ibrahimi Mosque.

This latest incident of Israeli brutality during Ramadan has heightened tensions and enraged Palestinian political figures.

The Palestinian Authority accused the Bennett administration of “using Palestinian blood to gather radical support for his degraded and threatened government of collapse,” according to a representative for the Palestinian Authority.

The fatalities come after Bennett announced that Israel has gone into offensive mode in response to Palestinian terrorist acts in Jerusalem.

Bennett promised to “settle accounts with everyone who was linked, either directly or indirectly, to the attacks” after a cabinet meeting.

He noted that the Israeli Defense Forces and other security services are trying to guarantee that they are not subjected to any constraints in their fight against extremism.

According to Palestinian Authority spokesman Ibrahim Melhem, Sabatin’s death was “a premeditated murder that shows the cult of killing inherent in occupation soldiers, and at the behest of Naftali Bennett, who sanctioned the assassination of Palestinians just because of suspicion.”

Bennett’s declaration that Israel has transitioned to an attack mode was sharply denounced by the spokesperson.

“Does Bennett believe he is fighting Russia in order to switch to an offensive doctrine?” Melhem continued. He is waging war on a helpless Palestinian population.

“When was the last time the Israeli army was shown attacking Palestinians?” Is it the Palestinians who occupy his land, or is it Israel who occupy the Palestinian people’s land?”

“The horrible crime committed by the IDF in Bethlehem” was criticized by Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayieh, who “held the Israeli government totally responsible for the repercussions.”

Hussein Sheikh, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Executive Committee, wrote on Twitter that “the Israeli prime minister’s instructions to his army to operate without restraints and release it in the West Bank are an invitation to murder and abuse.”

“The international community, with all of its institutions, must control this lawlessness and apply pressure to put an end to it,” he said.

The assassination of Sabatin, according to Hamas spokesman Hazem Qassem, “is a true expression of the occupation’s terrorist behavior against our people.”

He went on to say that the incident “confirms the total disdain for all human rules and standards and shows the occupation’s hideous racist face, which represents the lowest level of human degeneration.”

“All of these crimes will not deter our people’s lawful battle against the criminal occupation until our people’s liberation and return aims are realized,” Qassem stated.


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