The UAE introduced a new residency visa and entry permit system on Monday, according to the country’s media office.
New sorts of residence permits are available under the new system for skilled workers, investors, self-employed individuals, and family members of present residents.

Residents can now sponsor their family members, including spouses and children, up to the age of 25, and in the instance of an unmarried daughter, her parents will be eligible to sponsor her visa regardless of age, according to the UAE Media Office.
Green Card holders will now be able to sponsor first-degree relatives, and disabled children, regardless of age, will be granted a permit.

In a tweet on Monday, the media office stated, “The term of family members’ stay will be the same as their sponsor’s residence duration.”

In select humanitarian circumstances, according to the media office, residency permits will be granted.

A female resident whose Emirati husband dies in the country and has one or more children will be eligible for a residency permit, according to the UAE federal government.
Parents and children of UAE residents with foreign passports, as well as spouses and children of Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) state citizens with foreign passports, are included in this group.
Green Residency will be available to freelancers and self-employed people, as well as skilled workers, who will be required to renew their residency every five years without the requirement for a sponsor or employer.

Standard Employment Residence permits will need to be renewed every two years, according to the media office.
Investors who qualify for the Green Residency will be granted a five-year visa without the need for a sponsor.

Students enrolling at UAE educational institutions will be eligible for a two-year visa, with sponsorship (from a licensed educational institution in the country) required to maintain their resident status.

“The new system for residence visas and entry permits introduces additional categories of residence permits for investors, skilled workers, self-employed individuals, and family members.” The new types offer tailored benefits to each category, according to a tweet from the UAE Media Office.


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