British police are searching for a suspect in the arson of another man outside a mosque in the city of London.
Using a lighter, the suspect allegedly doused the 82-year-


old victim with flammable liquid on February 27 outside the West London Islamic Center, resulting in severe burns.
The suspect, who the Metropolitan Police have released a photo of, allegedly talked to the victim for five minutes as they both left the mosque before carrying out the attack.
I know this will be a very shocking incident for the community, and we are conducting a thorough investigation into what occurred,” said Detective Sergeant Steven Constable.

In light of the incident, local officers have been conducting daily reassurance patrols at the mosque to allay the fears of the community.

The West London Islamic Centre, who have been very helpful and supportive throughout this investigation, are continuing to work with us. Part of that process involves figuring out who the man is in the photo we’ve released.