US Expresses Concern Over Neutrality in Somalia’s Military


The United States is concerned over corruption, budget and relative bias between the start of the military government, while the US economy contributed to the reconstruction of Somalia.

A statement from the US Embassy in Somalia on Twitter said it supported the reform of Somalia’s security sector, which it said would lead to a brighter future.

The US embassy said in a statement that corruption, nepotism and nepotism in the military were affecting development, weakening the country and strengthening enemy groups.


“The United States supports the reform of the security sector that will lead to a brighter future for Somalia and for all Somalis.” Corruption and bias are holding back development, undermining the security of the Somali people, and strengthening Somalia’s enemies. ” said the American text.

The statement from the United States comes at a time when some of the leaders and commanders of the Somali military have been reshuffled, and the change was politically motivated behind Villa Somalia.

Since the departure of Prime Minister Kheyre, some of the leaders of the Somali military have been reshuffled, and active officers have been removed and replaced with nepotists.

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