What happened to the meeting between the former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre and Fahad Yasin


Former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre has held a private meeting with National Security Chief Fahad Yasin at the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu.

Fahad Yassin apologized for what happened in parliament and told him he had nothing to do with it

The security chief asked Kheyre to work for peace and life and forget what happened as he told him that he has many supporters.

Kheyre has been informed that he will run for the chairmanship of the party for another two years after his candidacy expires.

After a long discussion, Kheyre informed him that he was not ready to work with the Peace and Life Party at this time as the current issues were misunderstood and informed him that he would form a special party at this time when he was not ready. to accept something we have previously rejected, said Hassan Ali Kheyre

Meanwhile, reports indicate that Farmajo and Kheyre met several times after his dismissal and it was not understood that Kheyre was persuaded to join the Peace and Life party.

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