What is stopping the opening of the Conference of Heads of State and Government?


There has been a sudden delay in the conference expected to open in Mogadishu between the central government and member states, which aims to finalize the outcome of the Dhusamareb conference.

Villa Somalia announced that the conference would open on Thursday, but it was not possible and there are many concerns about this as well as obstacles to opening the conference.

Civil society chairman Osman Muhudin Shaatah voiced concern over the opening of the conference and felt there was a lack of compromise among leaders.

He also believes that the long-term lack of co-operation between the central and state governments has resulted in many things that need to be done failing.

Daynile TV quoted key sources as saying that there is still a rift between the leaders of the central government and the administrations of the country, especially Jubbaland and Puntland, and separate meetings are currently underway.

Jubbaland wants to move forward with the implementation of the promises made by the central government, starting with the Gedo region, and it is also believed that there are divisions among the leaders of the five regional administrations.

The conference is expected to open on Saturday, and there will be separate meetings between regional administration leaders, members of the federal government and other politicians.

Finally, a dinner meeting between the heads of state and the federal government organized by Villa Somalia was called last night.

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