What kind of president does Somalia need?


Somalia has four presidential and foreign-backed presidential elections in four years.

There is no President-elect who makes the decision on his own and he always decides on the investment of the President who is the Government Owner.

The country is in dire straits without a president and this decision has led to the failure of the incumbent.

When we look at the formation of a government after the collapse of the government of Mohamed Siad Barre, there was no leader who led the country under his rule and was always under the command of the government owner.

In the case of Hassan Sheikh’s government, the decision was made by Farah Abdulkadir, and as a result, the president did not make the decision alone.

Hassan Sheikh’s government has failed the orders of Farah Abdulkadir, the owner of the government

What is worse is that President Farmajo has not acted on the advice of Fahad Yassin and that is why every time a decision is made by someone else, the President fails.

People are wondering what Fahad Yassin and Muday Ahmed Madobe are meeting to discuss in Gedo region.

The question is whether the troops will be withdrawn from Gedo region and who will be deployed.

So what does Somalia need if it is a self-governing president or a self-governing president who makes important decisions?

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