Who is Fahad Yasin


Fahad Yassin was a Somali-language blogger who was part of the Somali-speaking website at the time.

He later became an Al Jazeera TV reporter and one of the most popular reporters in Mogadishu.

The Qatari government had hired him to work as a spy and the money was being channeled to the Islamic Courts, which he considered a key figure in Qatar.

Fahar Yassin rose to prominence during his political career in Somalia and played an important role in the election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, bringing unaccounted for funds to the Government of Qatar.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected President of the Federal Republic of Somalia. He was the first person to issue an order to the presidency.

As a result, Fahad Yassin took an enemy of Hassan Sheikh and established President Farmajo, who at the time had no money and took large sums of money from the Qatari government.

Qatar is a government agent who works with financial issues and Islamic Jihad armed Islamist drive from historic Islamic

Fahad Yassin is now known as the owner of the Federal Government and is the man who can remove and appoint anyone he wants.

Fahad is a Somali spy and is known to work for Qatari intelligence, which has led to a merger between the two.

It is recalled that on several occasions, attempts were made to remove him from office, and Qatar ordered that he not be removed from office.

The country is ruled by Qatar, which provides unaccounted for funds

Fahad Yassin is currently the Commander-in-Chief of the National Security Forces. He holds several passports and has several homes in Kenya.

Now Fahad is being held hostage by the international community as the person to stand in Somalia

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