Young Sharma Boy Speaks Out On Social Media


Sharma Boy is a young rapper who sings in the Somali language and is considered one of the most popular young singers in the world.

Most of his songs are for young people and it can be said that the understanding of the songs is based on wisdom if you listen carefully.

The Song of Songs does not mean that it is on YouTube for 20 hours and has been watched by 70,000 people.

The singer, who has been speaking on social media for the past three days, has even been criticized by federal government officials for allegedly listening to his students’ songs.

Sharma Boy now appears to be not responsible for failing the exams as the arts and education are intertwined and the government is responsible for the students.

The main song that the students are said to have sung is Dheesha Dheel which seems to mean a lot to the public to stop the soldiers who are standing in the streets of cars and Bajaj chests to search.

The lyrics of the song reflect the bad behavior of the bullets that hit the front and back lights.

Shama Boy’s song has become more popular as it inspires young people. The song has been watched by more than 500,000 people and can be said to be a powerful singer for young people.

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