How I Make $400K A Year Working At TikTok

Balancing Work, Family, and Personal Growth

We all strive for a balanced life, juggling profession, family, and personal pastimes. It’s a tough but fulfilling journey, and reaching it calls for exceptional time management and a dedication to stability. Imperfections are a part of the procedure, and it’s crucial to bear in mind that you don’t ought to choose one component of life over some other.


A Snapshot of My Life

My call is Sora Lee. I’m 34 years antique, and I earn approximately $400,000 a 12 months. I live in San Mateo, California, and paintings at TikTok, a business enterprise recognized for its rapid tempo and dynamic environment. My function places me at the intersection of product, sales, and consumer enjoy, presenting a various and attractive workday.

Understanding TikTok’s Rapid Growth

One of the factors I recognize about TikTok is its rapid-paced environment. I regularly collaborate with the product group to carry new functions to market, amassing and relaying user remarks each day. With engineers based totally in Asia, many problems are addressed overnight, a testomony to TikTok’s commitment to continuous improvement. This performance is a key component behind TikTok’s explosive growth.

Breaking Down My 2023 Compensation

In 2023, my general compensation came from numerous assets: my base revenue and sign-on bonus from TikTok, severance pay from my preceding activity at Meta, proceeds from selling a property co-owned with my ex-husband, and earnings from emblem partnership offers as a writer. My career trajectory includes a diverse range of experiences, all contributing to my contemporary monetary standing.

Early Career and Financial Strategies

I graduated college in 3 years, a choice driven by means of a choice to shop cash and start my career early. During this time, I additionally donated eggs to assist fund my schooling and help families in want. Additionally, I worked as a server at a Korean bar, a activity I trust everybody ought to try as a minimum once. Serving taught me valuable training about human beings, service, and operational efficiency.

Lessons from Working as a Server

Working as a server at a hectic restaurant become a formative revel in. It taught me the importance of multitasking and efficiency—abilities which are precious in any profession. I discovered to by no means input the eating corridor without bringing some thing beneficial and to by no means go back to the kitchen empty-surpassed. This mind-set of maximizing performance has carried over into my professional life, assisting me control tasks efficiently and stay productive.

From Startups to Major Tech Companies

My profession started out with diverse startups before I joined TubeMogul, which become later obtained by means of Adobe. At TubeMogul, my salary extended from $40,000 to $forty six,000 in base pay plus bonuses. The largest leap got here in 2014 when I moved to Netflix as an accomplice, doubling my reimbursement to $a hundred and ten,000. This transition became a big milestone in my career.

The Impact of Working at Netflix

Netflix was a pivotal point in my profession. The corporation’s lifestyle of innovation and excessive performance driven me to develop new competencies and include demanding situations. My function worried working on strategic tasks, collaborating with gifted individuals, and contributing to the business enterprise’s increase. This revel in now not best boosted my expert development but also significantly elevated my earnings.

Negotiation Strategies for Career Advancement

One of my top negotiation recommendations is to usually have counteroffers. When interviewing with Netflix, I had every other provide in hand for $80,000, which gave me self belief. I set my minimum at $90,000 and negotiated as much as $110,000. This strategy now not best boosted my income however additionally reinforced my confidence in destiny negotiations.

Importance of Counteroffers

Having a counteroffer provides leverage all through salary negotiations. It demonstrates your value to ability employers and indicates that you are in demand. This can cause better compensation packages and more favorable phrases. My revel in with Netflix highlighted the importance of getting into negotiations prepared and assured, which has been useful all through my career.

From Netflix to Meta and TikTok

At Netflix, my income grew to $165,000. Later, as an IC5 at Meta, my base salary changed into $150,000 with a 15% bonus. However, I felt stagnant at Meta and wasn’t happy with my growth possibilities. Fortunately, a recruiter from TikTok reached out, and whilst Meta’s layoffs came about, I transitioned seamlessly to TikTok, benefiting from severance and a new function.

Transitioning to TikTok

The transition to TikTok became a substantial alternate. The enterprise’s progressive surroundings and speedy-paced culture had been a perfect match for my abilties and hobbies. At TikTok, I was capable of leverage my revel in from previous roles and contribute to the organization’s rapid boom. The circulate also supplied a fresh begin and new demanding situations, which had been invigorating and profitable.

Adjusting to Financial Realities

Despite incomes a considerable income, my perception of wealth evolves as I have interaction with colleagues earning even extra. My soar from TubeMogul to Netflix was a big moment, marked by way of my first dressmaker buy. I manage my price range cautiously, keeping minimum cash in my bank account, maxing out retirement contributions, and investing in my son’s education and diverse stocks.

Financial Planning and Investments

Effective economic planning is essential for lengthy-time period balance and increase. I attention on maximizing contributions to retirement bills, such as my conventional IRA and 401(okay). Additionally, I spend money on my son’s 529 plan for his schooling. Any last finances are invested in index budget, character shares, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Diversifying investments helps control risk and maximize returns.

Personal Challenges and Financial Learning

After my divorce, I confronted economic demanding situations and had to teach myself on non-public finance. I opened several credit score playing cards with 0% APR to control expenses and collected vast debt while my belongings were tied up in actual estate. Over the past two years, I’ve learned notably approximately making an investment and financial management.

Navigating Debt and Financial Recovery

Managing debt effectively is important for economic health. During my divorce, I strategically used credit playing cards with 0% APR to cowl costs without incurring excessive-hobby debt. This allowed me to keep liquidity while dealing with monetary uncertainties. Through education and disciplined economic control, I actually have notably advanced my financial scenario.

Celebrating Milestones and Financial Missteps

I celebrated accomplishing one hundred,000 followers on Instagram with a unique purchase. However, not all my economic selections have been wise. For instance, I regret shopping for a brand new Tesla Model 3 Performance, which charges $1,000 month-to-month. This money could have been better invested, highlighting the importance of prudent monetary picks.

Learning from Financial Mistakes

Everyone makes monetary mistakes, however the secret’s to research from them. My revel in with purchasing a brand new Tesla taught me the significance of thinking about long-term financial impacts earlier than making giant prices. It’s essential to prioritize investments that generate returns over time instead of spending on depreciating belongings.

Changing Relationship with Money

Growing up, I had an dangerous obsession with money, influenced via my father’s constant focus on it. While I’ve made progress, I still consider cash often. I purpose to have more healthy discussions approximately finances with my son, coaching him the fee of cash and making informed decisions.

Educating the Next Generation

Financial schooling is crucial for destiny generations. I have interaction my son in discussions approximately money, coaching him the basics of saving, making an investment, and making smart monetary decisions. These conversations purpose to equip him with the knowledge and abilities to manipulate his budget efficiently as he grows older.

Parenting and Financial Responsibility

I trust in assigning chores to youngsters to instill responsibility. My son, Jackson, participates in easy duties, like soliciting for gadgets at eating places, which reinforces his confidence. This method allows stability my existence, allowing me to attention fully on him and sense greater centered.

Building Confidence Through Responsibility

Assigning chores and obligations to youngsters allows build their self assurance and feel of independence. When Jackson efficiently completes a venture, it boosts his vanity and teaches him precious life competencies. This technique not best blessings him but additionally presents me with possibilities to bond and interact with him meaningfully.

Sharing My Journey

My appearance on the Netflix reality show “Love After Divorce” boosted my social media following. I’m passionate about sharing my stories and offering recommendation on corporate careers, mainly for women of colour and people desiring to paintings in American groups. Empowering others thru understanding is a motive close to my heart.

Impact of Social Media and Personal Branding

Social media has played a good sized role in amplifying my voice and sharing my journey. Through platforms like Instagram, I hook up with a broader target market, offering insights and advice on profession development and personal growth. Personal branding is a effective tool for influencing and provoking others, and I’m thankful for the possibilities it has furnished.

Empowering Others Through Knowledge

Sharing information and experiences is important for empowering others. By discussing my profession journey and economic techniques, I hope to encourage and guide people navigating similar paths. Knowledge sharing fosters a supportive network where people can examine from every other and grow together.

Mentoring and Supporting Women in Tech

I’m especially obsessed with mentoring ladies in tech and supporting them navigate their careers. The tech enterprise may be challenging, and having a mentor can make a extensive difference. I provide steerage on career development, negotiation strategies, and balancing work with private life. Supporting different ladies in their expert journeys is immensely worthwhile and allows create a extra inclusive and equitable enterprise.

Looking Ahead: Future Goals and Aspirations

As I retain my profession at TikTok, I have several goals and aspirations. Professionally, I intention to tackle extra leadership roles, make contributions to innovative initiatives, and help the agency grow. Personally, I need to preserve investing in my schooling, extend my monetary portfolio, and spend fine time with my circle of relatives.

Professional Growth and Development

Continuous getting to know and development are essential for career advancement. I plan to pursue further schooling and certifications to beautify my capabilities and live current with industry traits. Additionally, I aspire to take on more leadership roles within TikTok, where I can make a contribution to strategic selection-making and drive impactful projects.

Personal Goals and Financial Milestones

On a private degree, I even have set several monetary milestones, along with reaching financial independence, expanding my investment portfolio, and securing my son’s schooling. I also prioritize retaining a wholesome paintings-lifestyles stability, ensuring that I spend best time with my own family and engage in sports that bring pleasure and achievement.



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