Somali National Army repulse Alshabab raid in Bardhere

Somali national army (SNA) have repulsed in what would have been a deadly attack in Bardhere town of Gedo region. Fierce fighting between Alshabab and Government forces erupted in the town at around 3:00 a.m Tuesday morning.

Alshabab raided the town on many fronts notably waging a major war in the army barracks at the bridge manned by the SNA and another by Ethio-Amisom forces.

Government officers said over 10 militants were killed, injured others and above all captured one of the militants alive. They also said to have recovered weapons. The officers commenting on the casualties sustained by their forces said the war claimed the life of two SNA soldiers and one injured.

Residents of the town described the war as of its heaviest kind in the last three years.

Picture of a young man dressed in military uniform purportedly depicting captured Alshabab fighter has been circulating in the social media.

Alshabab increase their attacks on the month of Ramadan and have so far made a number of attacks in north and south Somalia.

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