Banadir Regional Court Arrests Those Arrested for Hamdi’s Murder and Rape


Twelve people arrested in connection with the rape and murder of a 19-year-old high school student in Mogadishu on Friday have been arraigned in a Benadir Regional Court.

The people who were arraigned in the Benadir Regional Court today include the man who was arrested by the police in Adado town in Galgadud region, who admitted that he took the woman who was thrown from the hotel.

The trial was attended by members of the Federal Parliament, various officials, relatives of the slain woman and some relatives of the accused.

The Benadir Regional Court has ordered the release of five of the detainees, including two men who looked like the man arrested in Adado, as well as the owner of the fair who worked for the man who took the girl to the hotel.

The court also ordered that he be remanded in custody for further investigations, including the man who admitted to taking the girl to the hotel, the hotel owner, and others detained at the hotel.

Some of the people brought before the Benadir Regional Court today are suspected of being directly involved in the rape and murder of Hamdi Mohamed Farah at the hotel.

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