With just two full days of campaigning left, the candidates are doubling down in key battleground states.

Biden is concentrating on Pennsylvania, as Trump holds ten rallies in seven states in final two days of campaign [Angela Weiss and Saul Loeb/AFP]
Biden is concentrating on Pennsylvania, as Trump holds ten rallies in seven states in final two days of campaign [Angela Weiss and Saul Loeb/AFP]
  • Democratic candidate Joe Biden is set to spend the remainder of the presidential race in Pennsylvania, a battleground state that has become increasingly significant to both candidates.
  • Donald Trump on Sunday will hold five rallies in five states, in last-minute, breakneck appeals to energise voters – a strategy that helped him ride to victory in 2016.
  • The Republican president has praised a caravan of supporters that harassed a Biden campaign bus, leading to the cancellation of an event in Texas.
  • With just two days until election day, more than 92 million US citizens have already cast their votes, far outpacing early voting in any past elections and accounting for 67 percent of all votes counted in 2016.

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Harris campaigns in Georgia

Democratic vice presidential candidate Harris was campaigning in Georgia on Sunday, a long-time Republican bastion that Democrats hope to take on November 3.

“So I’m back in Georgia. We have two days to go. And I came back to Georgia because I wanted to just remind everybody that you all are going to decide who is going to be the next president of the United States,” Harris said at an event in suburban Gwinnett County, which flipped blue in 2016.

It is the second trip to the state for Harris in eight days. Biden visited Georgia on Tuesday.

While Trump won the state by about five percentage points in 2016, polls continue to show a dead heat in the current contest.

Democratic nominee for Vice President Senator Kamala Harris speaks during a campaign rally in Duluth, Georgia [File: John Bazemore/The Associated Press]

Replica noose at Missouri polling station covered up: Report

A replica noose, part of a historical display at a building used as a polling site in Missouri, has been covered up after complaints, according to the Kansas City Star.

Missouri Democrats condemned the noose at the Stone County, Missouri polling station, calling it “clear intimidation” of Black voters, according to the newspaper. Meanwhile, a county official told the publication the noose was part a historical exhibit that had been in place for years and marks the last legal hanging in the state.

It has been covered up as of Friday, the official said.


Why women decide elections

When some women gained the right to vote in the United States 100 years ago, men feared a “petticoat hierarchy” – where if women banded together to form their own parties, they could disrupt the country’s political system, Kathryn DePalo-Gould, a political science professor at Florida International University told Al Jazeera.

But that simply did not happen. The existing political parties quickly adapted to include women in their organisational structures. Many women cast their ballots for the same candidates as the men in their lives. It would be decades before women of colour – including Black, Indigenous, Asian American, and Latina women – were able to vote. And for women who could in 1920, many did not vote at all.

It was not until 1980 that a gender gap – the difference between the proportions of women and men who support a particular candidate – emerged in a presidential election. It was also the first year that women voted at higher rates than men. That trend has continued in every presidential election since then, and it is what makes women a powerful force at the ballot box today.

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