Farmajo confused about which clan to choose as Prime Minister and two other clans…


President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is still expected to appoint a prime minister to replace Ali Kheyre form was controversially dismissed looga cast.

Farmajo is still in talks with his personal advisers on the appointment of a new prime minister, and several men are expected to be on the table.

The incumbent Prime Minister is being contested by politicians from the Habar Gidir and Abgaal clans, as well as other politicians from other Hawiye clans.

President Farmajo is said to be confused about which clan to choose as his next prime minister, and is reportedly considering Habar Gidir and Abgaal as candidates.

The candidates on the table are mostly from the Abgaal and Habar Gidir sub-clans, and the President is keen to gain the trust of the sub-clan to give the post of Prime Minister a side to his government.

Farmajo has previously struggled to persuade the Somali Prime Minister to hold on to prominent politicians from the Abgaal and Habar Gidir clans, who have apologized for losing their political ambitions in a few months.

The appointment of the new Prime Minister of Somalia is still pending, and there are doubts that President Farmajo has plans to delay the appointment of the Prime Minister of Somalia.

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