Outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo entered politics in 2011 when President Sheikh Sharif appointed him Prime Minister shortly after failing to work with the President-elect and the then Speaker of Parliament.

It lead a long stripped work with the international community and the absence of leaders of his chosen spot, Refused to step down and resign not go out to the international community

Knowledgeable Farmajo was seen by the Somali people as a patriot which mislead to the many people

He ran in two presidential elections, one for 14 seats and the other for 74 votes, ahead of Hassan Sheikh with 93 votes.

Farmajo fought to get votes and robbed those who strongly opposed Hassan Sheikh. He lied and when they voted he fought with the men who supported him and gave them votes.

Farmajo, a pro-government figure, has begun liaising with Ethiopia and Eritrea, the sole rulers, for dinner.

He began to build an army to seize the country by force and recruited troops from every clan that was hostile to the USC clans, thus cultivating that the government would not allow the country to be captured.

The troops he is recruiting are young people born after Civil wars 1991 and links the Revolutionary government and have no knowledge of the tragic history of the Revolution.

He promoted high ranks to all the young people who could not handle the Ranks because of lack of MILITARY experiences.

He did not build the army to defend Alshabab the enemies of the country, he built the Armies only to maintain power

There are a lot of troops in the country and now there is no security. Even the Afgooye road will be built in 3 years due to insecurity.

Farmajo came up with the dictatorial culture inherited from the ruins

Farmajo is not building the country, he is destroying it

Farmajo has become an undercover detective who has come up with something out of the ordinary


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