Former PM Kheyre has delayed the National Army and not the man who raised the army national.


FORMER PM KHEYRE has set back the National Army and he is not the man in this field. Young boys who could not graduate from the turkish academy were assigned top position of SNA with no experience. I wish if they were capable to finish the academy. Mr Kheyre he claims to be a good leader, but a leader is the one who makes a selection when it comes a top position. Mr Kheyre has favored these unfit young boys over experienced

military officers, and this has created a stigma among high rank officers to work perfectly for the army. We only know that he has put an end the false payroll organizationed by some wrongdoers. Even the police chiefs were complaining some officers assigned by Kheyre. To be fair with you Kheyre has destroyed our army. Please we have seen your efforts but it is not in this field. I would advice Mr Kheyre to go back what he used to do as a community service man or oil field. God’s ways are infinite get your one! Seek community service. I am collecting a lot of documents in these days, I will reveal in the election time, so you do not confuse the public because you speak in such a sweet way (accountability, justice, the rights of citizens and the youth are the future of this country). Khayre has done slightly better things, but he is not a tough leader. Politics need big balls! Editor Ahmed Kalaay

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