There isn’t a single person on Earth who hasn’t used a search engine, and many of us use them frequently. Use a search engine that compensates its users.


Most internet users rely on search engines at some point. We have all used a search engine at some point, whether it was to find an answer to a query, additional information on a topic, or the definition of a word. Most of us, though, have probably never received payment from a search engine.

Users never see a cut of the billions that search engines like Google make each year. Google may not compensate you for your search activity, but there are other options available.

It’s safe to say that Swagbucks is the most well-known paid-search engine. Since its inception in 2008, the company has developed tremendously. Now, users can earn rewards for a wide variety of actions, such as watching movies, filling out surveys, and completing offers.

Revenue per query: Uncertain
Optimal Daily Searches: None
Payout Minimum: 125 SB ($1).
Payment Options Include PayPal, Amazon Payments, Visa, and Many More
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When it first opened its virtual doors, InboxDollars catered to those who wanted to get paid to read emails. It involved receiving emails and then pressing a button to acknowledge that you had “read” the communication, for which you were compensated. Since then, they’ve branched out to offer additional premium services, such as search.

They used to pay well, but they’ve suddenly become a low earner and made it tough to make money off of everyday searches. You should start by conducting at least four separate searches. The “Search and Win” bar will fill up with points then. When the bar fills up, you’ll get a virtual lottery scratcher that promises “Up to $100” (in reality, you’ll probably win a few cents).

Even though InboxDollars isn’t as good as it used to be, I felt obligated to add it here.

Paid Search Revenue: Varies
Daily Income Cap: Varies
Payout Floor: $30
Checks, prepaid Visa cards, and gift cards are all acceptable methods of payment.
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Twenty-two percent of all internet users default to Bing when conducting a search. Many of us use Bing already because it is built into Windows and iOS, but we aren’t reaping the benefits!

Microsoft Rewards is the only way to get rewarded for your searches. Microsoft designed this system to give back to their customers in the form of points that could be exchanged for a wide variety of prizes. Earn rewards by making use of the Edge browser, shopping for Microsoft products, and utilising Bing.

Searches provide 10 credits ($0.01) in earnings.
150 Credits + 100 Mobile Credits is the Daily Maximum Payout.
Payment Level: $5 or 5250 Credits.
Amazon, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Target, and Chipotle are all Acceptable Methods of Payment.