How Much Turkish Visa Is Transferred to Somalia Depending on the size of the embassy


Somali youths stranded in Turkey who originally came from Somalia in search of a better life in the West.

The young men, who bought a 5,000-Usd visa, now appear to be desperate to find a place to live in Turkey, especially in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

These young people, between the ages of 16 and 30, have no mother.

Many of them in difficult circumstances have learned to be addicted. You can see girls and boys who are addicted to alcohol on the streets.

Somali and Turkish affiliates work to buy Turkish visas at a cost of 5,000 USd per visa.

Turkish embassies in Somalia play key role in visa transactions also include Federal Government Ministers and MPs

It is completed in Several Types of Visa

1 education in which most visas most likely receive education and continue to migrate to Greece

2 Counterfeit Health for Two-Person Visa and Driver’s Visa

So why should the Federal Government conduct a thorough investigation to open offices and issue visas and prosecute them in order to save the many young migrants?

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