MUKALLA: Yemeni and US officials have accused the Iranian government of intensifying the war in Yemen by equipping and training Houthi, reviving demands for Houthi to relinquish military service and pursuing peace efforts.
Speaking on Friday during the Mediterranean Dialogues, a high-level annual conference sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies in Rome, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmad Awad bin Mubarak and the US special envoy to Yemen Tim. Lenderking acknowledged that the Iranians had played a negative role in Yemen and that the Hittites were unwilling to strike a peace agreement to end the war.

The Foreign Minister said the Iranians used Yemen as a secret card to get approval during nuclear negotiations and to resolve issues with their opponents.

“Iran is using Yemen as a bargaining chip and wants to get something from Yemen while holding talks in Vienna,” the Yemeni minister said, disputing the Houthis’ belief that they had the heavenly authority to rule Yemen. in adopting peace programs.

“They believe they are superior and have the divine right to govern Yemen. It is based on their own ideas. . . we want them to agree that all the people of Yemen are equal. ”
The US envoy to Yemen said the Houthi were intensifying military operations in Yemen – particularly in the central Marib province – and their invasion of the Saudi Arabian border, proved their unwillingness to end the war, and repeated allegations made by Iran. to overthrow the Yemeni government.

“It is clear that the Houthi people are trying to overthrow the Yemeni government. Iranians I believe would like to see the same. . . The Marib attacks should end if the Hittites are determined to peace, ”said Lenderking, adding that the Hittites“ forcibly ”forced young men in crowded areas under their control through the intimidation and pressure to retaliate against high-profile victims. eMarib.

“The Hittites are actually at odds with the current worldview here and this is considered a form of trial here of the determination of the Houthis to move the military solution to a political solution,” Lenderking said of the Marib attack.
Bin Mubarak warned that taking the Hittites to Marib would end the political process in Yemen and contribute to the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. He called on international donors to help his government in Aden cope with the country’s economic woes, including the immediate overthrow of the Yemeni riyal.

“Marib is the cornerstone. If the fighting continues in the Marib and the Houthi think they can win the war. . . this will undermine the whole process of peace and have a devastating effect on everything. ”

Separately, the Arab League announced on Saturday that it had carried out 11 airstrikes in Houthi targets in the central province of Marib, killing 60 Hittites and destroying seven military vehicles.

The announcement comes as tensions continue on the battlefields outside the city of Marib as government forces crack down on endless Houthis attacks.
The powerful airstrikes by the Arab League backed Yemeni government troops and thwarted Houthi efforts to strengthen their troops.


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