On Sunday, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio and Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi met in Cairo to discuss bilateral cooperation.

Kishida’s journey to Africa is his first since taking office as Prime Minister.

Kishida stated in a statement issued by Japan’s foreign ministry, “Egypt plays an extremely important role for peace and stability in the Middle East and African regions, and Japan values its partnership with Egypt.”

El-Sisi thanked Japan for its assistance to Egypt, which included the signature of a loan for the Greater Cairo Metro Line No. 4 Phase 1 Project (III) and the beginning of a study to provide a safety vessel on the Suez Canal.

He also commended food security cooperation and the acceptance of 150 students, mostly doctorate candidates, at the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology.

El-Sisi also expressed gratitude to Japan for its contributions to the Grand Egyptian Museum project.

Kishida also commended Egypt on its successful hosting of COP27 and noted Nippon Export and Investment Insurance’s support for the issuance of Samurai bonds, which are yen-denominated bonds issued in Tokyo by non-Japanese firms subject to Japanese regulations, according to the statement.

The Japanese Prime Minister also stated that he intends to encourage more Japanese companies to expand and invest in Egypt, which he describes as an increasingly appealing investment destination.

The two leaders agreed that Japan will increase its contribution to the Multinational Forces and Observers, an international peacekeeping force tasked with monitoring the conditions of Egypt and Israel’s peace deal.

El-Sisi expressed gratitude to Japan for its commitment to regional stability.

The two leaders also talked on regional issues like the Middle East peace plan and Sudan. The two leaders expressed profound worry about the current state of hostility between Israel and Palestine.

Kishida praised the five-party discussions involving Egypt, Jordan, the United States, Israel, and Palestine for their efforts to reduce tensions. In response, El-Sisi described Egypt’s efforts to keep the situation in Palestine from deteriorating and to establish long-term peace.

Concerning Sudan, the two officials agreed to collaborate closely in order to defuse the situation and restart the democratic transition process as soon as possible.

• This item was originally published on Arab News Japan.




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