LONDON – An MI6 agent in the United Kingdom murdered his own child after returning traumatized from a mission inside a terrorist training camp in Pakistan, according to the Sunday Times.

The operative, who was in his twenties at the time, was deployed on the spying operation to infiltrate Taliban and Al-Qaeda terror networks in Waziristan, near the Pakistani border.

However, before departing, the agent underwent a battery of tests, the results of which revealed that his level of mental instability was “the highest it is possible to score.”

The candidate “had more in common with a psychotic person than an average member of the population,” according to the exam, and was “at risk of severe shock and trauma.”

The spy, who had been abused as a child, witnessed the beheading of a family while in Waziristan, resulting in “vivid flashbacks and violent outbursts” upon his return to Britain.

After returning home, the dad murdered his child and was committed to a locked psychiatric institution until his trial.

According to his lawyer, he was paid tens of thousands of pounds for vital information he provided to MI6 while abroad.

“I believe they (MI6) got some intelligence — so for them, it was worth it,” said Liam Kotrie, who is representing the recruit in court. He was manipulated. They expected to profit from the situation, therefore they invested money in it. They had a responsibility of care, but they failed to fulfill it, and a child died as a result.”

According to Kotrie, MI6 purposefully ignored the recruit’s mental health difficulties in order to acquire intelligence.

In a jury trial, the agent was convicted of murder, but his lawyer is attempting to have the verdict overturned in favor of manslaughter.

“The (psychological) report stated that he was extremely vulnerable to PTSD, but he was unaware of the diagnosis or his own vulnerabilities, and he was placed in these situations.” “Those people must be held accountable,” Kotrie added.

“I hope policies change, and that when someone does something terrible as a result of their work for security services, they consider the dangerous situations they put themselves in.”




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