The Palestinian health ministry reported early Monday that Israeli troops shot and killed a Palestinian man near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, the latest in an increasing wave of violence that has erupted during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Late Sunday, the Israeli military claimed it fired at a Palestinian who was throwing a firebomb at an Israeli vehicle traveling on a West Bank roadway. The gunshot brought the total number of Palestinians slain in the last 24 hours to three, including an unarmed lady killed at a military roadblock near Bethlehem.

This year, Ramadan coincides with significant Jewish and Christian holidays. During Ramadan last year, protests and skirmishes in Jerusalem erupted into an 11-day conflict between Israel and Gaza terrorists.

After Palestinian assailants killed 14 Israelis in four horrific incidents within Israel in recent weeks, Israel has increased its military activities in the West Bank. Simultaneously, it has taken a number of moves to try to defuse the situation, including issuing work permits to thousands of Palestinians from the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Muhammad Ali Ahmed Ghoneim, 21, was slain in the latest incident late Sunday, according to Palestinian health officials.
Two Palestinian women were shot and murdered by Israeli soldiers earlier on Sunday. One attacked and mildly wounded a police officer in Hebron, according to the Israeli army. The other was an unarmed lady who, as she approached a checkpoint near Bethlehem, allegedly ignored warning shots and demands to stop.

In the West Bank, Palestinian assailants frequently attack checkpoints. Palestinians and human rights organizations, on the other hand, claim that the Israeli military frequently employs excessive force and has harmed or murdered persons who were not participating in violence.

Israel was accused by the European Union’s diplomatic mission in the Palestinian territories of employing disproportionate force in fatally shooting the defenseless woman. It remarked on Twitter, “This incident must be immediately investigated and the offenders brought to justice.”

Two Israeli residents with gunshot wounds arrived at a West Bank checkpoint near the city of Nablus on Monday, according to the military. According to Israeli public broadcaster Kan, the two were attacked by unidentified assailants while attempting to visit Joseph’s Tomb, which had been destroyed the day before.

A group of Palestinians set fire to the tomb the day before being dispersed by Palestinian security troops. The shrine, which sits on the outskirts of Nablus in the northern West Bank, is a frequent flashpoint. Some Jews believe it is the tomb of a sheikh, while Muslims believe it is the burial place of the biblical Joseph.

Several times a year, the army guides Jewish worshipers to the location in collaboration with Palestinian security forces.


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