Parliament Speaker federal Parliament has launched a strong desire to learn, they justify that as the election of a voice


At a meeting in Mogadishu last night, the lawmakers said they were working to save the country from imminent danger. They also said they were working to ensure that the country has a free and fair election.

They said it was important for the federal parliament to be united in working to ensure that the country has free and fair elections with only three months to go.

Lawmaker Mohamud Ahmed Isse (Runsheeg) said they have come together to save the country and work for the election of a person and a voice, as well as work to unite members of parliament.

He said they want to save the country from what they say is a threat to the country, as well as meetings to discuss the situation in the country and the elections will continue.

Khadijo Mohamed Diriye, a former prime minister of Somalia’s Transitional Federal Government (TFG), was among those killed in the attack.

Somalia has been charged with a mission to offer a refresher on sameesato, we plan to implement the President through the government and they want to stay a further two years

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