President Farmajo says only two roads are open


Somali political pundits are very concerned about the general situation in Somalia and the impending darkness

So what is the reward for the President of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo as he sees Somalia on the dark path

Dr. Hassan Nur, a political scientist, warned of the dire situation in Somalia and said that President Farmajo had only two options.

Both roads are said by Drka

1 To save this country and take the advice of Somalis and the international community to save the country and move forward with the current small progress

2 He also said that he would put the country in a dark state from which he could not recover and that he would follow the stigma of leaving the Somali political arena.

He said that the current administration will lead the country forward. You are referring to the country, he said, adding that there is a political crisis and insecurity in the country.

Somalia is at a critical juncture and needs to be saved so that the country does not fall into chaos again

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