Prisoners Escape from Prison and Many Killed


Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu, has witnessed heavy clashes between Somali government forces backed by African Union peacekeepers and Al shabab militants.

Four Al-Shabaab long-serving inmates have reportedly been killed fighting inside the jail.

Al-Shabaab prisoners sentenced to death were not among those who fought in the prison this afternoon, and are said to be being held in a high-security compound.

A government media reporter who arrived at the central jail posted a picture on his Facebook page showing the slain prisoners, noting that two of the fighting prisoners were being held with injuries.

According to reports, another armed prisoner escaped from the prison, killing a civilian outside.

Conflicting reports have emerged about how the inmates found their weapons, with some saying they were smuggled into the prison, while other reports indicate that the weapons were confiscated from security guards.

This appears to be a deliberate al-Shabaab attack inside the central prison, using some of the detainees there.

An undisclosed number of prison guards have also been confirmed killed in the clashes at the central jail, which government security officials have not yet commented on.

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