Thanks to advancements in AI technology, contemporary software now includes capability that we could not have envisioned a few decades ago. But for every product built with AI’s capability that is actually helpful, there are at least two more that fall short. Do the writing and paraphrasing abilities of the AI tool Quillbot live up to the hype?

This Quillbot review explains what Quillbot is, how it functions, and what it can do in detail. We detail Quillbot’s price as well as some other options you want to be aware of.


Describe Quillbot.
An AI-based writing tool called Quillbot includes a number of essential features. Its main function is to paraphrase your text using artificial intelligence in a variety of distinct ways.

Let’s examine each of Quillbot’s primary features in more detail.

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Quillbot’s tool for paraphrasing
You have the option of typing straight into Quillbot or pasting already-written content. It then edits your writing using AI. By default, Quillbot will paraphrase your writing simply, using alternative words without necessarily attempting to change the tone or purpose of the original. Depending on your needs and the intended audience for your writing, you may also instruct Quillbot to make it more informal or basic.

Quillbot is a web-based tool that can be used using any standard web browser. Additionally, you may add Quillbot as a Chrome plugin, Google Docs, or Word integration. As a result, you can access its capabilities in any tool you typically use.

Grammar checker Quillbot
Using poor language, spelling, or punctuation is one of the quickest ways to make sure a reader loses interest in your writing’s message. A free grammar and punctuation checker is available from Quillbot.

There’s no denying that this tool is helpful, but the majority of writers undoubtedly already use a grammar checker like Grammarly or ProWritingAid. It’s difficult to believe that many people will learn about Quillbot before having a grammar checker in place.

Check for Plagiarism Quillbot
Plagiarism detectors are most useful in the field of academic writing, but it is by no means their only application. You might want to double-check your writing to make sure you haven’t unconsciously borrowed from something you’ve read elsewhere, for instance. Alternatively, you might have had some written content—like a blog post for your author website—outsourced. Make sure the content you’re paying for is truly original in such circumstances.

Summarizer Quillbot
Its summarizer tool is one of Quillbot’s more intriguing capabilities. Every writer is aware of the significant influence their research has on the content of their published work. Both authors of fiction and nonfiction must do this.

For instance, authors of nonfiction must possess genuine subject-matter expertise. To fully grasp the subject at hand and comprehend it well enough to add a special perspective or unique twist to the body of already existing information, it is imperative to read widely.

In a similar vein, the level of detail in fiction literature may make or break the work. In order to provide your reader with an immersing degree of detail while writing about a subject or setting you are not directly familiar with, it is imperative that you become as knowledgeable about it as you can.

Using AI, Quillbot can comb through mountains of reading material and distil the main ideas and conclusions. In some ways, having a virtual research assistant to assist you with your job is similar to this.

Quillbot was made by who?
Compared to many other author software products available on the market, Quillbot has a fairly large crew.

This fact is neither good nor harmful on its own. A larger crew on the one hand implies a meticulous final product. On the other hand, a bigger team needs more funding to cover everyone’s salaries.

Despite its size, the Quillbot team has one thing going for it: the kind of individuals it chooses to work with. Quillbot is being developed by research scientists and linguists, indicating that it is a tool that will benefit from professional input.

Quillbot is for whom?

We don’t necessarily consider Quillbot as being the best solution for the demands of self-published authors, despite the fact that it is an intriguing tool that creatively leverages AI. Consider your personal writing process and how frequently you need to have artificial intelligence translate your writing.

But that doesn’t mean Quillbot is completely useless for independent authors. If you write and publish your own books, we can think of two main reasons why you would want to look into Quillbot:

Quillbot may help you save time compared to doing this manually if you frequently feel the need to simplify or formalise your writing.
The Quillbot summarizer tool could be useful in your approach if you need to handle a lot of research but don’t want to go through everything by hand.
In the end, we believe that most self-published authors would find more value by spending money on a writing aid like Scrivener or a grammar checker like Grammarly. But if you’ve tried those alternatives and Quillbot still appeals to you, give it a shot and see if it can add anything useful to your workflow.